Fast forward to my college years. This picture is only about a month old, although my look has changed somewhat. The picture shows Eric getting his hair, which is in dreds, burned. The burning process serves to tighten the dred. I think the best part of this shot is the face that Jeff has made. He has this innocent look, like he is seeing fire for the first time. I am the dood holding the hair, and the photographer was another friend(Steve). In case you can't see, I have given up my longer hair for dredlocks. This only lasted about 6 months, and as you will see in the next few shots I decided to end the torrid affiar my hair and I participated in.

Well, I said I changed my look, and I wasn't kidding. As you can see, I am in the process of removing all vestiges of my hair. There was much loss that day, from the hairs point of view. Not a dred was left attached to my head. Although I did save several dreds for good luck. They are hanging in Steve's room to this day.

Just when I had calmed down, and was all ready to lose my hair.

Midway through the operation, we decided to break for some more pictures. As you can see, the barber had decided to take certain "liberties" with my hair. He decided to turn my hair into his own personal creation. It was definately a different look for me, and I considered leaving my hair that way, if it didn't feel like it was about to fall out.

This is a group picture. All of us together, fun forever. The people are: (from left to right) Eric, Jeff, Lyle, Me, and Steve. Yes, that is the same Jeff and Steve from earlier pictures.

Us... cooking...

Me... Naked... Almost...