This is a picture of my younger brother(Chris), my friend (Terris) and I(Ben). It was taken when I was about 16. I am in the middle, and as you can see we are all wearing our "elf" hats. We are also making the international sign of the elf (sometimes confused with the international sign of the bull) The elf hats and elf "ears" are an inside joke which had to do with another one of our friends.

Elven Lore

The collection of stories I am about to tell you should clue you in to the joke that all three of us shared that day. As you can tell, we didn't follow all the fashion rules, and for the most part considered ourselves nerds. Since we were nerds, we decided we might as well do nerdy activities such as play role-playing games. One of our other friends, whom I will call "Josh" also joined us in our fantasy world.

Unfortunately for us, Josh had a habit of playing role-playing games for the sheer joy of being able to kill off other player characters. This would mean that he would go so far as to play a player character in a quest that he was running.(I know this may not make sense to everybody. So if it doesn't, I guess you can e-mail me) So most of Josh's time was spent reading the role-playing books in order to find the most powerful character possible. This lead to him playing the "elf" character every time. Thereafter, whenever someone new would decide to play an "elf" character, we would taunt them endlessly.

All right, so it may not be that funny to you people, but it was damn hilarious to us in our earlier years.(Note: This may explain some of the problems I have to this day)